Where the 03 eclipses the 01 is ride feel. The SLR03 is a beautiful riding bike. Even on its 23mm tires, I didn’t feel the need to dart and weave around holes and lumps in the pavement. Their formula of schmick packaging backed up with a quality product has seen five Jimmy Grant’s open through Melbourne since the original Fitzroy outpost turned on the grill in mid 2013. Ten bucks will get you one an amazing doner kebab in the beef, lamb or chicken variety (or you could get that doner meat shaved over some rice or yoghurt) but what you should do is go straight for the skewers. A mixed shish plate fills a humble steel plate with a pile of freshly baked Turkish bread, pickled cabbage, sumac sprinkled tomatoes, a grilled chilli and three skewers of charcoal grilled chicken, lamb and the best thing at New Star the Adana kebab, a skewer of seasoned minced lamb Designer Replica Bags, which is also available on its own, wrapped in a warm slice of Turkish bread and a leading contender for the ‘best kebab in Sydney’ title..

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