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Cheap celine bag By PABLO GORONDI and VANESSA GERAAssociated Press BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) Investor George Soros hit back Thursday against Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban over the leader attempts to shut down a Budapest university which Soros founded after the fall of communism.In a speech in Brussels, the Hungarian American billionaire accused Orban of building a “mafia state” in Hungary.Soros praised the Hungarians who have staged large street demonstrations in past months in defense of the Central European University, a graduate school which Soros founded in 1991 in order to strengthen rule of law across the region. Orban Fidesz party passed new legislation in April that threatens its continued existence in Budapest.”I am full of admiration for the courageous way the Hungarian people have resisted the deceptions and corruption of the mafia state that Orban has established,” Soros told policymakers and economic leaders in a speech at the Brussels Economic Forum.Hungarian government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs said Soros words reveal he “has his own political agenda.””Who exactly is George Soros and what does he have to do with Europe and its fate? Why should what he says carry any weight? The democratically elected representatives of the member states will decide,” Kovacs said.Soros, an 86 year old Holocaust survivor from Hungary, has emerged as one of the global figures most hated by populists and nationalists. They denounce his support for liberal causes, including LGBT, women and refugee rights, and fault his financial speculation as a cause of the pain felt by many in the aftermath of the financial crisis.In late April, Orban described Soros to the European Parliament as a “financial speculator Cheap celine bag.

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