“The child was too young to know what they had this medicine for, the family didn’t know what the diagnosis was and here I am not knowing what to do, how do I know?”Endo said that all changed after Randall Children’s Pediatric Care Emanuel Clinic began their Medical Home Program in 2009. One of the things the staff does is figure out all of that medical history for families like Massey’s.”I love it Replica Hermes Birkin, I can’t imagine what it would be like needing to start at ground zero again all of the time,” Massey said.The staff says it’s not an across the board standard in Oregon’s foster care system to have that medical information readily available to travel with a foster child from home to home. Sometimes, they say, that information doesn’t exist at all.Holly Hermes is the care coordinator at the clinic who works to track that all down for families they treat, a task she likens to being a detective.”I work really hard to gather as much health history for a child as I can,” said Randall Children’s Hospital Care Coordinator Holly Hermes.

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